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Diamond Battery – From Radioactive Waste to Useful & Clean Power?

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Diamond battery power, sounds expensive right? Well, not really in actuality it’s proverbially turning muck into brass. Thus, considering these will be created from spent radioactive fuel rods suddenly things get a little surreal.

That’s right spent radioactive fuel rods. This is generally known as one of the hardest derivatives to get shot of. The U.K alone has over 95,000 tons of these laying around causing problems for everyone. The problems are usually how to store for the duration.

Just so you are aware, just as the video below states, these takes thousands if not millions of years to become safe again. This means that somebody has to be monitoring them for that amount of time throughout the forseeable future.

Almost an impossible task you may think. Considering we are still producing spent rods every year anyway. Fear not, there seems to be light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Before we start jumping around happily believing the radioactive threat is now over. We need to steady ourselves a little. Although researchers at Bristol University Cabot institute are currently looking into developing this, there is no current working solution. So, if you want to know how they plan to turn this dangerous substance into something useful and clean we have included the video link below:


If you have any other suggestions for diamond battery application then get yourselves over to twitter and start tweeting. The hash tag you require is: #diamondbattery


One of the largest threats to humans continued existence on this planet is radiation. Levels of this have been continually growing since the splitting of the atom. This news really is great and we are sure everyone wants this to succeed. Here’s to a cleaner safer future!

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