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Disney Animated Premium App Now Available for iPad

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Family favourite Disney has unveiled an exciting new paid app called Disney Animated which will allow iPad users the chance to enjoy 53 classic movies like never before. Thanks to some really cool interactive features fans can explore all of the production processes which brought the early sketches to life on screen.

In the absence of any Star Wars news, Disney Animated was a highlight of last week’s D23 expo with a showcase of magical features demonstrated including The Story of Animation: a complete beginning to end of the studio process with concept sketches, background animation, music and more, right up to the finished production with photos, art and interviews as the definitive behind-the-scenes experience.

Interactive Workshops allows users to go hands-on with iPad-friendly versions of traditional and modern animation techniques to make their own mini production to be shared on social media sites. Disney Animation History provides access to all 53 movies and additional features chronologically in release order, spanning 90 years.

Timeless films such as Disney’s earliest picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, are available to delve into, leading up to the 90’s with Aladdin and The Lion King and recent cutting edge titles such as Wreck It Ralph and upcoming winter film Frozen.

Supporting all these incredibly in-depth features are 750 interactive animations, 400 short animations, 350 high definition images, zoomable storyboards and 3D character models to play with in one of the most ambitious apps ever created, proving once again that Disney is one of the leading lights in interactive media.

Disney Animated is now available through the App Store costing $13.99.