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EE Predicts its Future, Promising 99% 4G Coverage by 2017

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After it was announced that EE will be bought up by BT the company has revealed ways that it will be investing £1.5-billion into improving its 4G+ and 4G network in the next two years.

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EE were the spearhead for the 4G service before it even became publically available in the UK, developing its network to provide its customers with the fastest possible mobile data around. Currently EE’s standard 4G network covers at least 75% of the British population and its intention is to get that reach to 99% by 2017.

The advanced 4G+ network which offers double the speed of normal 4G will get boosted to 90% UK coverage in the same timeframe with 1,500 low signal and rural areas also benefitting from the upgraded services and new smaller network sites which EE intends to build.

EE has also stated that the 4G network will soon be able to be used by home and business users for voice calls and text messaging through VoLTE or 4G Voice, currently these communications options are only available through 3G while 4G handles only the internet data. Wi-Fi Calling in the home or office courtesy of EE is also on the agenda when the scheme becomes active on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

These services have been in testing since last year and will arrive in the next few months according to EE who have already put massive investment in boosting performance of its cell sites. EE already has sights set on 5G which is the next generation of mobile data networking expected ready by 2020.

As well as the data services, EE’s two year plan will also see the company pushing more than just smartphones. Last year the range grew to include an in-car wireless dongle and a TV set top box and EE expect the sales figures for these sundry items to rise to match the mobiles before 2017.