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EA Access To Release New Battlefield Early

The latest title in the popular shooter franchise Battlefield, cops and robbers action title Battlefield Hardline is to be released on EA’s early access subscription service EA Access a number of days prior to the street release of the game. The service is currently available on Xbox Live only, meaning that the game will come to Xbox One first.

Hardline is expected to pit some very well equipped criminals, sporting the latest in robbery equipment, up against the combined forces of conventional police and heavily armed SWAT teams. Staying in tune with the long lasting Battlefield tradition of including vehicles, the game will feature motorbikes, getaway cars and police vehicles as opposed to fighting vehicles found in earlier military titles.

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EA Access will in fact allow users to try the game in its full form absolutely free for a limited time through its subscription based service, and at no additional cost or commitment to buy the game when the trial is over. Users of Access can enjoy Battlefield Hardline at their leisure for a short time before buying, prior to release on high streets and Playstation consoles.

The offer was confirmed today via the Battlefield Twitter account, following the query of a user possessed of admirable foresight.  “Yes, you will be able to get early access to Battlefield Hardline through EA Access,” said the Battlefield Twitter account.

March the 17th is the set date for Hardline to arrive elsewhere, and as with the earlier preview of FIFA we saw, it could mean that Access users will be able to play for the week prior to the release. The UK version of the game arrives on the 20th, but it’s not currently known if UK EA Access subscribers will be able to get it on the American date plan or the UK one.

The perks of joining EA Access, on top of this exclusive sneak preview of Hardline, include free games such as earlier title Battlefield 4, as well as Madden NFL 25 and Peggle 2, although if you quit your subscription you won;t still be able to access the games.

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If you want to get your hands on Battlefield Hardline early, and thus potentially have the upper hand over non-subscribers if saves are ported over following the trial, head over to Xbox Live on your Xbox One and go to the apps section. Search in the box for ‘ea access’ and then the app should appear.

Once you;ve installed the EA Access Hub app, you’ll need to register for Access as well as link an EA Origin account (you’ll need one to do this) with your Xbox Live account. Once the two are linked and your subscription is finalized, you’ll be able to play. Check below for EA’s subscription info.

Joining EA Access Guide:

Via: Gamespot