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Leaked and Rendered images of the HTC One M9 appear online!

The HTC Ones (M9) is pretty much a forgone conclusion for the being released / announced on March the 1st, but if HTC don’t sort it out there will be nothing to announces, as yet again a leak of the latest Android Flagship device has hit the web.

Following on from some stunning renders yesterday, the French leakers site has a selection of images posted online which purport to be the latest Flagship HTC One handset. Word is that the HTC One (M9) is already out and ready for announcement within HTC, so the leaks are not that shocking.

The images show off the incoming handset in all its HTC One-esq form, with the back of the phone looking almost identical to the current flagship phone, the HTC One  M8.

Recently full details of the HTC One M9 have leaked online, and earlier in the week PhoneDesigner has decided to flesh it out in all its glory with some amazing looking renders. The two seem to match up with the leaks from Nowhereelse showing off a similar looking handset.

The handset does share many of the Design features of the last generation HTC One with its slightly curved back, rounded edges and the now design trademarked all in one aluminium casing. What the leaked images do show is different, is that there is now only one lens on the back of the HTC One, which suggests that HTC has done away with the 4MP UltraPixel camera from the One M8.

Word is that the HTC have moved this 4MP UltraPixel camera to the front of the phone for super Selfies!

However the  newly single cam on the back is reported to be a whopping 20.7MB beast, so users won’t be missing out on too much.

The HTC One (M9) is expected to be announced on March the 1st at a special event hosted by HTC.