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Encylopaedia Britannica App for Apple iPhone & iPad Replaces Printed Editions

244 years after its first printing the enormous paper based Encylopaedia Britannica, that was once the only way to seek its vast source of general knowledge, has entered the digital age with a new app now available for Apple iPhone and iPad.

The app, which is available from the iTunes App Store will cost a £1.99 a month subscription and now replaces the numerous volumes of books which were last printed in 2010 – the Encylopaedia Britannica’s 15th refresh. Great news for those of us who enjoy our wisdom on the move but this will, unfortunately for fans of the traditional format of the grand tomes, become the standard for all future editions – no more printed copies.

The app will however save valuable trees as well as boast over 80,000 articles and reference points with connected and top articles available at the touch of the iPhone or iPad screen. The publisher promises “the same principles of outstanding reliability and quality for which Britannica is renowned and provide immediate access to clear, current and correct information through a unique mobile format” – and of course, it’ll be a much more regularly updatable format.

The Encylopaedia Britannica app is free to download, but will cost £1.99 a month to keep ahead with all the latest revisions.

Encyclopaedia Britannica on App Store

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