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Evil Dead Actor Bruce Campbell Added to The Amazing Spider-Man Game

The Amazing Spider-Man video game looks even more amazing every time we see it and another spectacular addition to the cast of characters has just been announced. Joining Spidey himself, new foe The Lizard and comic book creator Stan “The Man” Lee will be another cult icon – Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell who has appeared in all three previous Spider-Man movies will appear in a voice role as the “Extreme Reporter”.

Following his appearances as the tutorial voiceover or “Tour Guide” in previous Spider-Man movie games, Activision has once again brought in Bruce as a helpful albeit none to friendly voice to guide players through the training stages of the rebooted Spider-Man movie universe as well. The horror and b-movie veteran’s tone booms across New York City from a blimp floating above the massive area for Pater Parker’s alter ego to play with and explore and the Extreme Reporter will issue challenges that the help the Amazing Spider-Man get into the swing of his new powers.

In a character profile trailer, like the one recently release supporting Stan Lee’s character, Campbell talks about his role in the new game and the author of “If Chins Could Kill” firstly addresses the transition from playing a role in front of the camera to one behind the microphone and suggests that to get in role for his harsh task-master character he needed to think like Spidey himself – so jumped off a building – “Could I do the same things that I’m asking Spider-Man to do?” he asks. The answer – “No, I hurt myself quite badly.”

Moving onto his character’s back history he tells us the Extreme Reporter was once a mixed martial arts fighter who was “not that successful, because he trash talked a lot so he got a lot of fame from that”. And its quite apparent from the verbal he gives old web-head in the video that they’ll be plenty of that from Bruce’s character when he takes over the aerial airwaves in his blimp as the creator of challenges which involve races and tricks to ready our hero before his battles with the bad guys.

Campbell comments on The Amazing Spider-man game in general saying how cool it is that original Marvel writer Stan “The Man” Lee – “the youngest man I’ve ever met” as the actor refers to him – is a playble character and the sense of reality that gamers will experience when they pick up the game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 from July the 23rd, a few weeks after the movie releases on July the 3rd.

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