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Expendables Star Jason Statham Recruited for App Game

Rising Hollywood action star Jason Statham has been recruited to appear in a mobile game called Sniper X: Kill Confirmed.

Glu Mobile, which recently brought the Terminator: Genisys app game to cinemas, has developed the free-to-play app game which is due for global release on respective app stores for Android and iOS devices in the autumn.

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In a press release for Sniper X: Kill Confirmed the company is excited to announce the Expendables and Fast and Furious 7 actor (from Derbyshire by way of the East End) as its first male celebrity partner and Statham’s bald and burly likeness as well as his trademark mockney tones will be featured in the upcoming game.

As far as the gameplay goes, Sniper X will be a first person shooter which will follow the same suit (if you’ll pardon the pun) as the recent Hitman: Sniper which itself heavily referenced the best bit of the classic N64 James Bond tie-in GoldenEye (which we still love to this day).

Glu hopes Statham’s growing reputation as a top player in big screen action movies and his online popularity will give Sniper X the edge and help carry the game to success on smart devices by attracting some of the 48-year-old movie star and trained martial artist’s impressive social media following on Twitter and other social platforms.

In the press release Glu Chairman, Niccolo de Masi says:

Jason Statham’s action persona and strong social following make him an ideal partner for Sniper X: Kill Confirmed. We look forward to launching this new title to a global audience of mobile action gaming fans, including Jason’s social audience of more than 54 million followers”. He adds “I’m pleased to welcome Jason to Glu’s celebrity portfolio and believe this new partnership will cement Glu’s leadership in the Hollywood gaming space.

As well as Jason Statham’s involvement in Sniper X: Kill Confirmed, Glu Mobile has announced another celebrity partnership with the pop star Nicki Minaj. We expect this game to feature fewer headshots but a bit more twerking.

Source: Glu Corporate