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Facebook Timeline Being Rolled Out To Everyone Today

Back in September at the annual f8 conference, Facebook announced a new feature called “Timeline” which would see users profiles updated with a different layout, meaning that everything you have done, and do, will be presented in a chronological order.

Facebook said that the new feature wouldn’t be rolled out straight away, although gave users the option to sign up to Timeline early if they wanted. As usual, whenever there is a change to the Facebook profile, it doesn’t go down too well with everyone. But also as usual, there is no option to opt out of the new feature.

And so today is that day when everyone who hasn’t currently updated their profile to the new Timeline, will get automatically updated – like it or not.

As well as standard user Facebook profiles being updated, Timeline will also be applied to all Facebook Pages as well. Pages is a popular tool for businesses to advertise their products, and since Facebook announced that the Timeline layout would be applied to Pages back in February, most companies have already switched.

What’s your thoughts on the new Timeline profile? Let us know by leaving your comments below or message us via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.