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Ferrari sticks an iPad Mini and Siri in the dash of its latest Maranello FF

We remember the first days of the iPad, when DIY fanatics were hacking at their cars to fit the Apple tablet in the dashboard. Fortunately that’s now a reality on cars right out of the factory, if you have plenty of cash. Ferrari has just unveiled its brand new Maranello FF sports roadster, and right at the centre of the gadgetry inside is an Apple iPad Mini.

Of course, the most interesting bit is the technology on board. Keen to please Apple, Ferrari has put two iPad Mini tablets in the back seats of the four seater roadster, presumably to entertain the easily-bored rich offspring who aren’t fazed by a trip out in daddy’s Ferrari.

Ferrari recently started a partnership with Apple, with Apple’s own Eddy Cue joining the board of directors at the legendary Italian car maker. The idea behind that move was to create internet connected cars in the future, and the new Maranello is the first step in that direction.

Further to the iPads in the back, Apple’s Siri is integrated into the car’s stereo system. The fortunate driver will be able to ask Siri the usual questions without fiddling with an iPhone, effectively bringing voice-activated directions, calling, maps, messaging and more to the car.

If you really must know, the car itself is a 652HP V12 monster with a luxurious leather interior and an innovative four wheel drive system created by Ferrari itself. Price tags haven’t yet been confirmed, but the chances are if you’re considering buying one already, you can probably afford it.