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The Fujitsu Loox is Windows 7 and Symbian OS rolled into one!

The Fujitsu LOOX is a phone that can dual-boot Windows 7 and Symbian operating systems – and that’s the full Windows 7 OS, not Windows Phone 7.

All down to a clever dual hardware design, this interesting handset is able to run the full Windows 7 operating system – a first for a mobile phone, taking tips from its Windows 7 tablet cousins, this device opens up a world of opportunities for Windows on the go .

The Windows 7 side of things runs off a 1.2GHz Intel atom processor (the first Smartphone to have this, and a processor normally used in micro PCs and netbooks) and has 1GB of RAM and 32GB storage. However, processing power on the Symbian side of things is still unknown, though no doubt will be a little less powerful.

The handset switches seamlessly between Symbian and Windows 7, due to the fact both operating systems are constantly running. When the battery drops below a certain level, the phone will automatically switch to Symbian to reduce drain on the battery.

The phone has all the basic connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infra-red even makes an appearance, however the Wi-Fi is only usable with Windows 7, and there is no news whether phone calls can be made using the Windows 7 OS.

So Fujitsu has done something no other handset manufacturer has done yet, but the question is – it this a viable Smartphone option?  Unfortunately here in Europe we may have to wait to find out as the LOOX is currently only available in Japan.