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Fusion Garage Grid10 Tablet Gets $200 Price Cut Before Launch

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Remember the Grid10 Tablet from Fusion Garage? Sure you do! The whole TabCo and mystery tablet device turned out to be this device, a highly customised Android tablet from the creator of the JooJoo tablet.

Well, while we’re still waiting for the Grid10 tablet to launch in the U.S, its creator Fusion Garage have slashed a whopping £200 off the price. The release date has also slid back from Sepember 15th to October 24th.

When Fusion Garage launched the Grid10 tablet on August 15th our initial thoughts were good, though something stuck out as slightly off – the price. Initially the Grid10 was going to sell for $499 for the Wi-Fi only version and $599 for the 3G and Wi-Fi version, something we thought was a tad high for a tablet from a relatively new company, running a brand new OS.

Thankfully it would appear that Fusion Garage have heard our thoughts and cut the price down to £259 for the Wi-Fi model and £359 for the 3G + Wi-Fi version. This sort of price range could see the Grid10 really take off in the budget Android tablet market.

The Grid10 runs a new type of software called Grid, which is loosely based on the Android kernel. The software revolves heavily around its grid-style homescreen which allows you to group applications into “clusters”. There’s a whole lot more on the Grid10 tablet, Grid OS and the new Grid4 smartphone in our original article here.

You can pre-order your Grid10 tablet now from their web store. Will you be ordering one?