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Galaxy S6 May Include Fingerprint Scanner

Pictured: The earlier Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung’s upcoming redesigned Galaxy S6 could come out of the box with one feature more commonly seen on newer generations of the iPhone – a touch based fingerprint sensor in the home button. Apart from the obvious repercussions of copying one of Apple’s super secret super innovations, could the recently leaked info on the inclusion of the scanner be too good to be true?

SamMobile received the tip from a “well trusted source” according to the website, where the information was released to. Of course, it’s not like Samsung mobiles haven’t had their own fingerprint scanning abilities before – indeed earlier Galaxy S range models have included a swipe based fingerprint reader on the home button, but this time, according to the leaked info anyway, Samsung is going to bring the updated technology to the S6.

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Of course, getting a more complicated sensor on board the phone will require a bulkier home button, and indeed this has been mentioned in the leak. Features will be brought back from older devices which used the fingerprint swipe method and are to be upgraded and included, although new features have not yet been revealed. We can expect the following, apparently.

  • • Fingerprint Unlock: Verifies the user’s identity and unlocks the device.
  • • Web sign-in: Allows users to sign into websites using fingerprints.
  • • Verify Samsung Account: Verifies the user’s identity when purchasing content in  Samsung services.
  • • Private Mode: It’s not specifically a fingerprint-exclusive feature, but allows user to choose fingerprint as an unlock method.
  • • Pay with PayPal: Allows users to make quick and secure payments via their PayPal account using their registered fingerprints.

The earlier S5 included a slightly frustrating fingerprint scanner, which did not include touch technology.

Earlier iterations of the S series phones were a little troublesome to use with regards to fingerprint functions, indeed not all fingers worked as well as each other, and additionally Samsung’s own tutorial on how to get the feature to work properly wasn’t very helpful. Some users even has to register their print from multiple angles with multiple swipes, all the pitfalls of using the less advanced tech.

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This time around we could see a new, better and easier to use fingerprint sensor using touch technology in the upcoming S6. Of course, these revelations have come to us from unconfirmed sources, but if any of it is to be believed it does make a whole of of sense. An inferior system such as the earlier swipe based fingerprint sensing isn’t going to be all too useful as phones become increasingly required for banking transactions.

Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm this unverified rumor soon, check back with us later for more S6 info as it comes out, and check the source link at SamMobile below for more info.

Via: Techradar

Source: Sam Mobile