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Game Ownership – The Shift To Blockchain Gaming?

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Blockchain gaming could well be the savior of gamers everywhere.. As AAA titles move fully toward cloud gaming this may signal the death knell for game ownership.

Less waste produced with digital download/cloud only which is great. It also means that any time you play a game you are pretty much just wasting time when all is said and done. With blockchain integrated gaming the user is actually earning digital assets.  Assets that cannot be taken away or just cancelled. These assets can also be traded with other gamers and this is the huge, key difference. 

With subscription services such as Google Stadia there is no way of keeping what you have purchased. Just like with services such as Netflix, there will only be certain amounts of time to play that game you subscribed for.

It really was not that long ago that you could go to the store, buy a game and take it home. Obviously some are still being sold this way. It used to be that every game was sold this way. The gamer then owned that copy. They could play it when they wanted for ever more. At least until the disc broke. If it is a loved title though then chances are it has been looked after ever since purchase.

That’s the bit vanishing from the current gaming reality we now live in.

Will there still be huge followings for certain game titles in 5 years time when nobody plays any game for longer than six months? This is purely conjecture of course.

Game Ownership

If you have not looked into blockchain gaming before it may be worth your while.

The games are a little over the normal price but at least you own part of it. You also own any assets earned in game while playing (non-fungible assets).

This is not very hard for gamers to grasp. Most have used an in game currency before. It is only a  hop skip and a jump from that to this.

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