Gaming Weekly 01/07/2016 – PS4 Neo & Slim, Nintendo VR, WWE 2K17, Pokémon Sun & Moon

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Sony to Announce PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim at Tokyo Games Show:

Analysts have predicted that Sony could announce news of both the rumoured PlayStation 4 Neo and another slim model PS4 in the next few months.

The reports suggest that Sony’s big double reveal will be the focus of the Tokyo Game Show on September 15th after missing out on E3 the currently codenamed PS4 Neo should arrive with its promised 4K Ultra HD video output. It was suggested that the Neo would be officially outed before the end of the year and this would agree with those claims.

In addition to the Neo the news of a sleeker, smaller PS4 slim would is a bit of a wildcard, and not something that’s been discussed too much out in the open or in rumour. But with Microsoft having just released its Xbox One S it would make sense that both leading console brands have a tag team of machines out of the market and for Sony it would certain follow the trend set out with the PS3 Slim in 2009.


Nintendo Hints at VR Support for NX Console:

Nintendo have revealed that they have Virtual ambitions during their first fiscal meeting earlier this year. They are researching a solution that will be both comfortable to use for extended periods of time and is family friendly.

One of Nintendo’s lead developers, Shigeru Miyamoto was reported to say “We’re also researching VR, so we have the core technology. Long play sessions are an issue. We want to release something that can be played for long periods, carries value, and is affordable. We want parents to feel at ease.”

He was also not very impressed with the offerings already in place from their competitors.

Whilst they have hinted at their plans for VR (Nintendo NX will support VR at launch) they are still remaining very hush hush about it and do not want to give away any of their VR secrets yet in case they are imitated by rivals.

The PS4 VR will most likely be Nintendo’s main competition in this area with the PS VR on target for release in October.

Judging by the Wii and Pokemon GO I should imagine that their version of VR will be impressive and probably better for your health to use in the long run, as family friendly suggests it will be lighter than rival VR units.

Morgan (“Head of VR News Dept.”)

*Editor’s Note: I’m personally still waiting for a collaboration between the Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Power Glove!   Jay.

Seven New Pokémon Revealed in Leak:

Speaking of Pokémon, seven new pocket monsters from the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon 3DS games have been leaked in video form and it would seem the fans are mighty underwhelmed by the new collectable critters.

It’s possible that Team Pokémon are running short on ideas because the latest in a line-up of hundreds of cutesy characters are really stretching the imagination which is evident with characters like Togederamo – a cross between Pikachu and an overweight mouse, Drampa – who looks a bit like Falkor from The Never-Ending Story, but not drawn very well, Cutiefly – which is, well, a cute fly, Vikavolt – A lobster-come-pair-of-scissors, Bruxish – a very flamboyant, drag-queenish fish, Charabug – it’s a bus and a bug in all rolled into one, and finally Tapu Koko, which is really unexplainable.

The character videos were leaked from a Russian source and official details on the new Pokémon is expected from Nintendo today. We’ll endeavour to update this news if there’s anything worth reporting but right now the common consensus is that overall Sun and Moon look a bit disappointing. You can judge for yourself by checking out all the leaked videos at


WWE 2K17 Cover Star Unleashed:

The cover star of the new WWE game has been unleashed and in a promo video it’s been confirmed that this year’s grapple game will be fronted by none other than the  “Beast Incarnate” – Brock Lesnar.

With a double-header scheduled for this summer, with appearances at both UFC 200 and WWE Summerslam on the cards, Brock is himself a global brand, recognised by fight fans the world over – who better to feature on the cover of WWE 2K17? The promo video launched on Monday heralds his arrival as one of the game’s top competitors and shows Lesnar emerging from the shadows, while images of sheep masked disciples of the cultish Wyatt Family flash up on screen. What this means is anybody’s guess but a possible feud between Brock and Bray Wyatt has been discussed by fans for some time.

The video comes to a close with Brock standing before the WWE 2K17 cover, which itself features Lesnar engulfed in flames and lightning looking ready to take on all challengers.

The Lesnar cover announcement comes after 2K recently revealed that Goldberg would be this year’s pre-order bonus and interestingly, in the promo video for the WCW legend a reference to Suplex City – the fictional destination where Brock sends all of his opponents – was spotted in a reflection, which now actually seems like a clever link to the new cover star for WWE 2K17. Check it out again in our previous article.


To FINISH IT this week we have the somewhat unbelievable casting news for a new Mortal Kombat movie!

That’s right MORRRTAAALL KOMMBAAATTT is apparently getting a long rumoured feature film reboot in 2017 and the ‘confirmed’ cast list that’s being kicked around this week is budget-busting and truly bonkers. We’ll take these suggestions with a pinch of salt as they were presented on website Fraghero without citing any official sources. But stand out names in the cast of kombatants include Vin Diesel as Shao Khan, Megan Fox as Kitana, Jason Mamoa as Nightwolf and Liam Neeson as Raiden. Yes, Liam Neeson – the guy who first trained Darth Vader as well as Batman, and who will find you and kill you if you mess with his family.

These Hollywood heavyweights will supposedly clash with stars of B-movie action and martial artists including Ronda Rousey as Sonya Blade, Tony Jaa as Scorpion, Daniel Wu as Liu Kang, Manu Bennett as Kano, Scott Adkins as Johnny Cage, Michael Jai White as Jax, Iko Uwais as Sub Zero and Robin Shou (the original Mortal Kombat movie’s Liu Kang) as Shang Tsung.

It’s an interesting and exciting line-up but we suspect at this point purely the work of fiction.

Until next time, we out..

Jay (Chief Editor).