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German company reveals Nano-SIM – Smaller than the Micro-SIM

A German firm, initially a supplier of banknotes and paper for the security industry has revealed that it plans to undercut the 15mm x 12mm x .0.76mm Micro-SIM currently used in the popular the Apple iPhone 4S and in future Nokia and Motorola smartphones by producing the Nano-SIM.

Current wave Micro-SIM with adapter.

Munich-based Giesecke & Devrient, which in recent years has gotten friendly with Nokia on a product authenticity and anti-counterfeit program, has suggested that its new Nano-SIM should be touching down on smartphones from 2012 and that the new card will measure only 12mm x 9mm across the face surface with a 15% shaving off the thickness in comparison to its ‘chunkier’ sibling, which took nothing off the thickness of preceeding standard SIM and mini-SIM cards.

Overall the Nano-SIM aims to be 60% smaller and effective makes the Micro-SIM redundant before it receives a full roll out. This will allow mobile manufacturers to produce the thinnest and most pocket friendly handsets to hit the market (remember those unbelievable Nokia concepts from last week?) But just like the current Micro-SIM, backwards compatibility is promised via an adapter.  

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