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Nokia HumanForm – Flexible and “humanized” smartphone concept revealed

Following Nokia’s discussion regarding flexible and physical kinetic devices, the Finnish mobile communication company has now unveiled a concept video, detailing a truly fantastic view of future smartphones called the HumanForm – the premise of which is “a visionary solution between touch screen and voice communication where technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over.” – It’s truly inspiring.


This artistic rendering and demonstration shows how the ‘humanized’ smartphone would function almost as a natural extension of our being, from the ergonomically pleasing teardrop shape which utilises a jelly-like structure with flexible transparent display to nano-technology experiences which involve gesture control, not only fully-touch sensitive but also by shaking, twist to browse, bend to zoom and stretch to pan.

Icons scroll the screen from top to bottom, delivering quick links to social networks and access to apps, on a display which totally covers the gadgets front surface. A photo can fill the entire surface and you can actually feel textures through the electro tactile ‘skin’. Video calls are also generously displayed and emotion can be translated on screen as a colour and the touchscreen can be used by physical gesture to communicate.

This is something the likes of which we’d only expect to see in Star Trek and it’s only in the dream stages at the moment but if this is the direction Nokia are taking their tech we’re excited to follow the progress of HumanForm!           

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