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How to get a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4, UK only

Sony’s 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 the one they released to celebrate… it’s in the name you can figure it out, has been insanely popular. Anywhere it’s gone on sale it has sold out in a matter of minutes, with some shoppers in London getting them for a mere £19.94  at a popup PlayStation ’94 Shop. Contrast that with some Americans who have paid near to $20,000 on Ebay for just for a piece of gaming nostalgia. So good news everyone, they are going on sale in the UK this week there is a catch.

Right now, if you head over to the dedicated page on Sony’s PlayStation website you’ll be faced with an image with over 300 figures from PlayStation history. “Study the image well and make sure you know your PlayStation characters,” Sony says. Then, you’ll need to follow both @PlayStationUK or @GAMEDigital on Twitter, which will tweet clues using the #20YearsOfCharacters hashtag. If you can work them out, click on the character it relates to and you’ll be rewarded with a “secret” link to the GAME website. Easy right? No.

Those clues willbe tweeted at set times each day this week. Meaning everyone who wants one is going to be watching:

Monday 4pm

Tuesday 5pm

Wednesday 2pm

Thursday 8am

Friday 12pm

If you get it right you’ll then be redirected to a form, and if you’re one of the first 100 people to submit it, you’ll be sent instructions on how to buy your new limited edition PS4.

Sony says the promotion is only available to UK residents and GAME will only sell one console per person. Good Luck and I hope I win.