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Oculus Acquires Hand Tracking Tech

Heads up for the headset that’s making the headlines – Oculus Rift is once again making the news as the company has announced the takeover and acquisition of a similar VR company which specialises in getting users hands into a virtual reality environment.

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Nimble VR has been working on such hand tracking tech for about two years, previously specialising in machine learning and computer vision systems, before recently starting a Kickstarter campaign detailing “Nimble Sense”, the hand tracking tech we’ve heard about.

Oculus must have picked up on this, since the company swooped in, made a deal, and the Kickstarter page was subsequently removed. It’s not been released how much Oculus paid, but apparently Nimble’s team now works for them, according to their page.

Recent acquisitions by Oculus also include 13th Lab, a 3D imaging team specialising in building accurate models of real life spaces which people can ‘visit’ by VR, such as the pyramids in Egypt.

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Also newly on board is Chris Begler, a Hollywood-grade motion capture guru hailing from some of America’s top universities, who has worked on big money productions such as The Lone Ranger and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The new team at Oculus is all set to bring the software side of the virtual reality headset forward into the unknown, but the headset itself is still sluggishly crawling towards an unspecified consumer release.

Nimble’s tech gets your hands into the Oculus Rift, a big asset for the company behind the headset.

With the new team members on board, fully integrate hand sensing as well as other motion capture elements from the device seem to be on the cards, and 13th Lab’s 3D models mean that exotic environments can be visited by Oculus Rift users from virtually anywhere.

With all this 3D imaging and body sensing business, it seems like the VR world of Oculus is moving closer to The Matrix every day. However we doubt it’s going to go that far… at least not yet.

We’ll stay on the pulse with Oculus, hopefully these new tech pals might make it easier for the company to (finally) get the finished product out for release.

Source: Oculus Blog

Via: Techspot