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Get Festival Ready With These Top Gadgets!

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With a multitude of outdoors accessories for your smartphone and an endless number of sites selling them, the Gadget Helpline thought it may be useful to highlight a few devices that really do stand out when it comes to innovation and having a real use in the upcoming festival season!

First on the list is the F.Lens. Currently on Kickstarter and trending towards reaching its goal, this little device can transform your smartphone’s torch to a strong beam. This gives better chances for a photo to come out well and is fantastic when you are in need of a bit more depth in the wobbly search for your tent during the middle of the night!

More Info: F Lens

Next we have The WonderCube. This amazing little device really seems to be blowing people away as it is already 464 percent funded on Indiegogo.

Considering The Wondercube is only an inch cubed it sure packs a punch. Reminiscent of the bathroom buddy in Gremlins it really does seem to do quite a lot. From MMC slot to charging cable, to 9V battery slot to charge your device when unable to use the mains, it is quite amazing.

It has a built in torch for your keyring and also a specially designed pad with micro suction cups, these enable you to sit your phone up for better viewing etc. It is well worth having a look at though; get in quick as the waiting list is quite large!

More Info: The WonderCube

Following this in our list of festival essentials we have chosen is a solar charging device for your phone. We know – there are many of these kinds of devices out there but not all are as lightweight as this one nor weatherproof as this one claims to be.

The fold-up Suaoki 20W Solar Panel Charger can also be bought with different Wattages depending on your needs. It has two charging ports with TIR-C technology which is Smart current-sharing for each USB port depending on the device inserted. It works with iPhones, iPads, Samsung and most other phones and tablets.

Currently for sale at reasonable prices which means you are guaranteed to make your money back on it. After all it can be sitting in a windowsill at home and charging your phone. Happy charged festivities!

More Info: Suaoki

Next up is the Nurugo microscope; again, another device being crowdfunded but speeding along nicely towards its goal. The Nurugo slots over your rear camera and transforms your device into a powerful microscope. The Gadget Helpline published an article about it a little while back, and for those of us with an interest in the macro world around us this device is perfect and fits neatly into your pocket.

More Info: Nurugo

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as great summer gadget ideas go. There are many more items out there which can help you make the most of the great outdoors but still stay switched on.

So stayed tuned, we may be bringing you a few more ideas as the festival season approaches!