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GetJar Gold App Store Provides Free Premium Android Apps

Amazon and Google had better watch out, as third party App Store GetJar have launched a new ‘Gold’ app store which offers premium Android apps for free.

GetJar Gold aims to offer top-notch apps for Android smartphones and Tablets completely free, something the Amazon Appstore does occasionally but only for a very limited period per app.

You’ll find premium apps in the GetJar Gold store such as Fruit Ninja THD, TuneIn Radio and Splashtop Remote Desktop. These apps, as with all apps in the store, are advert-free and available to download at any time.

As opposed to the Android Market, the GetJar Gold app store is accessible through your phone or tablet’s browser by navigating to The store is live now and currently features 50 high quality apps, with more being added on a daily basis.

GetJar are paying out to app developers for the privilege of offering their apps for free on a pay-per-install basis. With other app stores such as Apple’s, the app is paid for by the customer and the developer gets a cut of that fee.

GetJar gain their own profit by offering developers the chance to bid a fee per install of their app. The higher they offer, the further up the search rankings GetJar will put their app. Developers can also pay GetJar a higher fee to have their app promoted as a ‘featured’ app which GetJar will highlight in blue and put in a prime location on the App Store page.

The GetJar Gold website is live now; type into your phone or tablet’s browser to check out the selection of premium free apps on offer.