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Early HP TouchPad & Pre 3 UK owners can claim part-refund

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So, we won’t be getting anymore discounted HP TouchPad tablets here in the UK, as we confirmed via the Gadget Helpline’s contact with HP earlier this week, but there’s a bit of good news regarding the slate – which concerns you early buyers who can now claim back a large sum of the money you paid for your full-priced tablet.

The HP Refund Program will aim to reimburse loyal tech-buyers who grabbed the TouchPad before the August 23rd cost slashes, and HP are generously offering to repay these early owners the price difference in relation to what was paid when the gadget came out little over a month before, on July 15th.

For example, if you paid the full RRP of £399 for the 32GB WiFi tablet, and providing you have your invoice handy, you can claim back most of that and be £310 better off – just like those who were lucky enough to snag the slab for just £89 last week.

The part-refund also extends to the HP Pre 3 smartphone, which was recently price cut after Hewlett-Packard’s decision to kill off the WebOS software which both devices run on, and owners of this mobile gadget can also claim the difference between the price they paid and the new price of £69.  

The HP Refund Program applies to UK, France, Ireland and Germany and more details can be found at HP Promotions section of the company website – or simply click HERE.

A limited batch of an estimated 200,000 HP TouchPad tablets will go into production and should begin a roll out in the United States in the next 6-8 weeks.

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