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Google Chrome to touch down on Android – Supporting Nexus Prime & Ice Cream Sandwich launch?

It’s been a long time coming, but Android mobile owners will soon get to use the popular and speedy Chrome web-browser through their pocket and tablet pal very soon.

According to Chromium Code website, Google Chrome on Phone is readying for launch and could very likely appear at the Samsung ‘Google Episode’ event on October 11th at the San Diego launch site for newest Android treat, Ice Cream Sandwich, and also the expected collaboration between Samsung and the internet giant – the Google Nexus Prime.

Arise, Nexus Prime!

Chrome coming to Android would present users with a nippy alternative to apps, and the often slow running built-in browser which never truly handles all the sites as we’d really like to view them. If a site or service doesn’t have a stylish stand alone app finding what we need, and quickly, can be slow and laborious. And of course quick access to our YouTube and Google+ accounts which would be expectedly integrated into the Chrome browser. The introduction of built-in Flash and impressive HTML5 support will present users with a much desirable feature to rival the incoming wave of Windows Phone 7.5 gadgets.

We would imagine that any announce on the addition of Google Chrome to the Android arsenal would come next Tuesday at that aforementioned San Diego event to back the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich – the latest update which will pull ‘double-duty’ in replacing both Gingerbread for smartphones and Honeycomb for tablets. So presumably any appearance by the Chrome browser on ICS will be equally optimised for both platforms.

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