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Google Earth Pro Now Free

The standalone Google Earth program is impressive – it’s a lot better than the Google Maps satellite view, and is capable of rendering cities and buildings in three dimensions for unprecedented access to places you’ve never ever been before. The experience is special, to put bluntly, and is really worth checking out for yourself.

Whilst the program has been out for nearly a decade, the latest version of Earth has previously required a large cash subscription to allow access to some of the program’s more advanced productivity features. However, Google has decided that the features should now be free to everyone – the program has been opened up to all users as a result.

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The advanced nature of some of the program’s features may have seemed astonishing a while ago, but these days really don’t seem like the kind of thing you’d be interested in paying the staggering $399 per year fee for.  You can do advanced measurements of plots of land or structures, or print out an image over the standard resolution size. Not too groundbreaking by today’s standards.

The productivity features in Earth Pro also included one of the more cool aspects of Google Earth, the ability to record a flying camera video through the program’s three dimensional map. One could plan and film a walking tour of Paris, or record road directions to a certain destination with the feature.

It’s not actually clear why Google have dropped the fees from the Pro version of Earth, although we’ve speculated it may be to do with today’s high standards in technology. Of course, Google is a highly successful company, so the decision may simply be a freebie for the sake of a freebie.

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Either way, the program is now available to download through Google. In order to get Earth Pro, you’ll need to get your hands on a code from the company – just head over to the link below and sign up for the key through a form which goes out to Google.

Once that’s done, sit back, relax and wait for Google to reply, although a minimum waiting time isn’t specified. The key should appear in your inbox, as well as a download link. Download the program and install it, and you should have all the Earth Pro features at your disposal.

Get It Here: Google Earth Pro

Via: Computerworld