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Google Flights feature takes off in the States

Google Flights has taken off within the United States as a new feature to its search engine which offers to aid travellers in finding and booking flights easily and all through the familiar Google interface.

The recent merger of internet force Google and travel tech co. ITA Software has birthed the new feature, which can be found on the search results when you use the search field to find a departure destination and arrival destination.

For example searching “Los Angeles to New York” would bring up your usual list of flight companies, or you can choose Google’s easy option, which is found by clicking the small plane icon to the side of the page, below images, videos, news etc. And this brings up a list of all relevant flight details, presenting them more manageably.

The listings bring up the flight times, flight companies, changes you’d need to take on your journey, and the price and availability of tickets. In addition you can view a calendar which will allow you to browse dates when your flight might come in a little cheaper, and also an interactive map to explore new destinations or plan any stopovers into your journey.

At the moment the Google Flights feature covers only US internal flights, but we’d look forward to this becoming internationally available and would imagine that tech-savvy flight co. British Airways will be all over it if and when it touches down in the UK.

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