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Google Glass 2 is in the Works – Will Be Known as ‘Enterprise Edition’

After rumours circulating that Google Glass is essentially dead and buried, it has now been confirmed by Google that Google Glass 2, or as they have named it, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, is in the making. There is no exact date as to when it will become available to the masses, seeing as the first edition was discontinued in January this year, one can only hope this version is less of an anti-climax.

The Google Glass EE is of course meant to have many new features – more durability and water resistance are a few things we can ostensibly expect from this revamped product. There are also claims that they will be foldable and with a button and hinge system, allowing users to attach it to a different pair of glasses.

It has been stated the new design is more functional than fashionable, which would make sense for a product designed for use in the work place. It is allegedly under testing, and we can expect to see it in professional industries later this year. Taco Bell is said to have tested one of the Glass’ early apps – Google have stated the main function of aforementioned app is to assist Taco Bell’s employees with arranging menu items.

Former executive at Apple, Tony Faddell, has been assigned the not so joyous task of running an encouragement program for employees to make use of Google Glass EE. Seeing as its predominant (if not only) usage will be in the work place this is perhaps not such a bad idea. The program has been nicknamed ‘Glass at work’, for self-explanatory reasons. Alongside the program companies will also have the option to work with app makers, presumably to improve the function of current apps as well as fabricating new ones.

Plans are in the making to distribute the Glass wholly through their validated list of partners on board the Glass for work scheme. Now this is a slight cause for disappointment, the Glass is essentially being designed to work around the needs of the companies, rendering the chances of it being directly available to end users fairly slim. For anyone hoping for a new gadget to fiddle with, unless you’re in the correct line off work this is more than likely off the cards.

A few final things worth noting about the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is that the display prism is said to be larger and slimmer, reportedly we can also look forward to enhanced wireless connectivity and a new snazzy Intel processor.

For the mean time it will be a case of patiently waiting (and getting into the correct business sector!) Even then we may be waiting some time until we have a product which reaches maximum customer gratification, as Faddell has reputedly self-confessed that it will take time before the company get it correct – fingers crossed Google won’t make too much of a spectacle of themselves! (Pun most certainly intended…)