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Google integrates Play Store with Google+ Profiles

Google is still trying to get users to use its ailing Google+ social networking service and the company has now integrated the profile system for G+ into its Google Play Store.

Google has implemented the changes to integrate Google+ which will allow users to post reviews on the web store where they can sign in with their Google+ profiles, attaching their real name and associated data to their opinion.

The company is slowly rolling out the changes to its customers so it may not have appeared on your profile just yet, and if you don’t already have a Google+ profile then you may be prompted to set up a profile in the future.

Google has previously done the same with its YouTube service which allows users to post comments and information under their real name and details instead of the age old screen name.

We can only assume that Google is putting in the changes to associate full name details to accounts to try and weed out some of the unfounded and abusive comments and reviews on networking sites that are often done anonymously with users hidden behind fake details.

Hopefully the move will go some way towards increasing accountability and accuracy in reviews across the Play Store and will be accepted by users rather than shunned because of privacy concerns.

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