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Google I/O Announcement Rumors

Google I/O is a Google press event where, hopefully, some of this year’s biggest devices will be announced prior to their late Summer/pre-Christmas releases. We can expect that Google itself will announce some Android devices, but what else is coming?

Well Google has a few partners who are expected to bring out new products very soon, such as Motorola, LG and Samsung.

Android Wear devices are also expected to be seen en masse, with each of the above well on the way to releasing wearable tech devices, wrist mounted personal computers and smartwatches being this year’s big thing.

We’ve covered both the big releases from LG and Motorola expected to arrive, the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360. The G Watch has been leaked constantly since the beginning, with LG finally pinpointing a Uk release at £180 before July. That’s not far away at all.

The LG G Watch

The Motorola Moto 360, the wireless charging Android wear fashion statement has also been billed for a July release at around $249. It’s by far the nicest looking Android Wear device we’ve seen yet, here’s some more imagery of the watch, this time propping the bar with its owner.

Motorola’s Moto 360

As for Samsung, although their Gear 2 smartwatch has been billed as using Android-powered standalone operating system Tizen, we could see the device appear at Google I/O as Google and Samsung are quite close partners, although it’s a less likely assumption, as Tizen is supposed to be anti-Google, removing many Google aspects from Android.

The Samsung Gear 2

Also rumoured to appear at Google I/O is the new Android 5.0 OS, Lollipop. Bringing Android in line with iOS 8 is a must, as Phandroids hate getting left out. As well as the rumoured Android 5.0 release we could also see updates to Google glass, a new home automation system similar to Nest, which is designed to control your home’s systems such as heating and security, plus a rumoured Google in-car system to rival Apple CarPlay.

Project Ara is also rumoured to make an appearance, the modular smartphone is considered the very definition of bleeding edge, allowing users to swap in and out parts to customise their mobile to their exact specifications.

Of course we may see all of these devices at Google I/O or maybe just some, but watch this space on the 25th of June for confirmation or apologies, whichever is appropriate.

Source: Google I/O Announcement Page