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Google Maps integrates London Underground public transport directions!

Google has today announced and launched the latest mapping update for its Google Maps service, specifically for people in the UK as it has launched new public transport directions for London within Google Maps.

The London transport system has over 1 billion passengers serviced by Transport for London (TfL) every year across over 18,000 bus stops and over 250 underground stations, so the inclusion of public transport integration in Google Maps will be of great use to the millions of users.

To use the service, (which is live now) simply log onto Google Maps and search for your starting destination, click “Get directions” in the left-hand panel and then the train icon to see public transport directions.

Enter your departure location next to A and your destination next to B. These can be either street addresses or names of popular places, businesses or restaurants. When you’re done click the “Get directions” button and suggestions for your trip will appear below.

You will then get a selection of travelling options in order of duration and a breakdown of which underground lines or bus routes you’ll need to use, as well as the type of transport and distances. All of which will be shown in full on the map to the left with full instructions.

You can even set out a travelling time and date for your journey to plan ahead, and if it all seems too much you can just give up on the public transport and see how long a Car or Taxi ride will take.

Android Fans will also be getting the new travel system for their mobiles as Google Maps for mobile will be integrated with the new travel service. The mobile version will allow you to use your current location to determine the best routes or you can pre-plan a trip for later that day.

The information will be supplied directly from TfL (Travel for London), so all of the latest information on the underground, bus, tram and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) lines will be up to date. Google  has also promised to more public transport information as soon as it’s available.

So whether you are visiting the capital for the day or live with the hustle and bustle, Google Maps can help you out.

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