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Google Nexus 7 Tablet Specifications and Render Leak Ahead of Launch

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It’s highly likely that Google will launch Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean with a new tablet device later this week, this much we know.

We’re also positive that we know the device will be made by Asus, will feature a 7-inch screen and is almost certainly called the Google Nexus 7. We’ve seen many rumoured images and ideas about the power of the device before, but now it seems we have the real deal.

Gizmodo Australia somehow got its paws on an internal training document that teaches about the not-so-secret tablet, and it spills the beans on almost everything inside the device. We’ve even got a computer render of what it will look like, and it looks pretty darn sleek to say the least.

In traditional Google fashion, a new version of Android will be launched at its annual I/O Developer’s Conference later this week, showcased on a new product. That new product will be the Google Nexus 7, made by Asus – the first device to run Android ‘Jelly Bean’.

Inside you’ll find a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip running at 1.3GHz, coupled with an Nvidia GeForce 12-core graphics processing chip and 1GB of RAM. This tells us that the device should be very nippy indeed, and very capable of playing high quality games.

The screen will be 7-inches in size as we’ve heard, of the IPS (In-Plane Switching) variety, and with a decent resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Thanks to the choice of an IPS display, the viewing angles will be wide at 178-degrees.

The document indicates that two versions will be available – 8GB and 16GB – priced at $199 and $249 respectively. Both will be Wi-Fi only, but will also pack in NFC tech for contactless transfers and payments with Google Wallet.

Finally, there will be a 1.2-megapixel front facing video camera but no rear camera, presumably to keep the costs down. Battery life is expected to be an impressive 9 hours from a full charge.

With the entry level model priced at under $200, it re-affirms our thoughts that Google is going after Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet with a price war. We’ll find out everything for certain between June 27th and 29th at the Google I/O conference.

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Via: Gizmodo Australia