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Google TV 2.0 update set to roll out this week

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Google TV was meant to herald the birth of a new era in home entertainment. But then it didn’t. While the service in itself has always been a competent IPTV experience, it’s in danger of very soon becoming redundant thanks to most manufacturers now stuffing their TVs with feature-rich internet access straight out of the box. That’s exactly why Google TV has announced an update to software version 2.0.

The update will bring a raft of new features and a totally new design, which should make it easier to get around. To that end also, Google has spruced up the search engine inside GTV, making it easier to scour content by category. Youtube has had a major, bespoke facelift, with Google looking to integrate it more fully into the eperience. Apps will soon be flooding in also, thanks to the inclusion of the Android Market.

The 2.0 iteration of Google TV will launch this week on compatible Sony Bravia TVs and shortly after that on Logitech devices in the US. There’s still no word on whether Google will be bringing the service to the UK. But do you even want it? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.