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Siri ported to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, now fully working

Not too long after the release of the new iPhone 4S, a developer by the name of Steve Troughton Smith decided to have a go at seeing if he could somehow port the new Siri Voice Assistant across to the iPhone 4.

For him, getting the iPhone 4S firmware along with Siri onto the iPhone 4 seemed to be relatively easy to do, although the main and biggest problem was when the iPhone 4 had to send the voice request to Apple server’s – where understandably they were being refused. So although it was possible to get Siri on the iPhone 4, it didn’t seem like you would ever be able to use it as Apple would not allow the iPhone 4 to communicate with the Siri servers.

Well, after a bit of persistent, and after teaming up with another developer/hacker by the name of Chpwn; the two have managed to finally get the iPhone 4 along with Siri communication properly. In addition, they have also managed to get Siri fully working on the iPod Touch as well. Make sure you check out the video below showing the iPhone 4 fully operational with Siri.

And on the iPod Touch…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the developers have any intention of releasing the hack; although it’s expected that someone else will, eventually making its way to Jailbroken devices in the not too distance future.

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