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Google Wifi & Google Home – UK Launch

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Google are always upping their game, this is testament to the drive of the global corporation that has fingers in every pie so to speak.
I remember first hearing about Google back in the late 90’s, I was designing a website for a “time & attendance” company here in the U.K. and they asked me if I could post a link on the main page for Google as it was the cool thing to have at the time (I included it and have not really looked back since). Most internet users were languishing in Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves or similar search engines. These were, while good, only searched for subject matter based on hits throughout the page. Google, on the other hand, did something different. They based their search results on an algorithm that counted how many other sites had links to this particular site. in their minds this made the search more relevant, have to agree here too. This means that the more popular/higher quality results are able to gain more momentum naturally.

Generally, the more interest in a page the more other pages will link to it with some level of relevance.

Google Wifi is out in the U.S.A currently and will finally be released in the U.K. next month! As you can see in the image above, it is carefully crafted for British consumers, all it needs is a handle and some steam coming off the top, ready for biscuit dunking!

Why do you need one? 

Not sure if need is the word here but we will roll with it anyway. The Google WiFi is a router and access point in one. If you are blessed with a large home then this is definitely the device for all your signal woes. Not only does it seamlessly connect to other Google WiFi in the home, it does so with no speed loss, unlike a wireless repeater.
Repeaters effectively halve the bandwidth for any computers connecting to them, rather than the primary router. The reason for this is that the repeater receives the signal, processes it, and then rebroadcasts the signal – and it does this in both directions, from the router to the computer and from the computer to the router. While this is great for normal browsing, when it comes to 4K streaming you will be enjoying long buffer screens. Not so with Google WiFi.

Google Home

The fighters are in their corners, come April 6th the fight for your smart-home loyalty will commence and there can be only one! In direct competition with Amazon Echo, Google Home offers home control, answers questions, plays media and has had a few local services thrown in for good measure. For example, the news brief has had sites such as BBC, The Guardian and The Telegraph added to it to name a few. Music playback can also now launch live radio from the BBC.

So, if you are champing at the bit for one of these devices in the U.K. then you will have to wait until April 6th.
Google Home and Google Wifi will be available for £129 each (£229 for a 3-pack) . You will be able to purchase them from places such as Dixons, Argos, John Lewis, Maplin at launch and from EE a little further down the line.

There are also a number of colours to choose, you can purchase fabric bases in Teal, orange and purple for £18 each and the metal ones (white, black and copper) for £36.

Preorder pages are on the Google Store so you can join the waiting list to be notified when they finally become available. 

Google Home

Google Wifi

Waiting list

For any support on either devices look no further than