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Kinesis Gaming – Freestyle Edge Keyboard

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Kinesis Gaming are not a name on everyone’s lips but they have been around for over 25 years and have been specialising in ergonomic input devices for the duration.  They have just finished the prototype stage of their keyboard on Kickstarter designed to prevent RSI, especially among the gaming community. With the rise of eSports this is quickly becoming a serious issue, unfortunately there are no real safeguards in place to protect young skilled players in this area of professional sports.

The Freestyle Edge is definitely not your standard keyboard. For starters it is split right down the middle. This allows the user to place each side of the keyboard at the most comfortable position to suit their needs.

On-board programmable and Cherry mechanical, this keyboard should be high on any gamer wishlist. It is especially suited to those who are pressing the same keys over and over again for long periods of time. Maybe not so great if you generally use the keyboard to type but still worthwhile, after all, RSI is not fun for anybody regardless of career.

The keyboard is still on Kickstarter though and the estimated delivery is September 2017. There is a steep price for comfort here though. The device is priced at $150 and shipping to anywhere in the world is $75. If you require one of these and live in the U.K. then expect to pay upwards of £225 once you start to include sales tax etc.

Bear in mind though that a lot of engineering has gone into this device, it has also been tested and designed via input from hardcore gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike.  Final word though, when it comes to your health how much is too much?

We have included a link for information and tips relating to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) below.

Official Site

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