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Group Behind PSN Hack Under Attack

Lizard Squad, the group behind the most recent hacking escapade which brought down Xbox Live and the Playstation network over Christmas, has thankfully suffered a number of critical setbacks from both rival hackers and law enforcement in several countries. As per usual with notorious members of the hacking crowd, the reign of Lizard Squad as the big shots in the community is moving closer towards its end.

Rival hackers recently closed in on on the groups ‘hackers for hire’ service Lizard Stresser service, where the group ostentatiously offered take down services for specific websites to users for a price. Customer data concerning those who had paid for DDOS attacks via the service was exposed to the general public.

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Additional revelations by security researcher Eric Zhang, who first noticed the simple explot to reveal the user details, also made light of the fact that Lizard Stresser itself is ripped off, code wise at least, from a similar service known as TitaniumStresser. So far users are advised not to have anything to do with the site, or the service, lest their vulnerable data be at risk.

Although law enforcement could very easily get their hands on the data and prosecute those who got involved with Lizard Stresser, it doesn’t seem like any action has yet been taken. Customers using the tool are vulnerable as their passwords for the site have been exposed. But you readers wouldn’t have to worry about that, right?

Are the Lizard Squad internet heroes or greasy opportunists? Choose quickly, they might not be around for long…

Meanwhile, UK police have managed to track down a suspect in this country as the result of an investigation into the hack. An 18 year old , as yet unnamed by UK police, has been taken into custody in relation to the PSN and Xbox Live incident. However, sources mentioned that the perpetrator may be one Jordan Cameron, who reportedly goes by “Jordie” “EvilJordie” and “GDKJordie” online.

The alleged computer criminal was known for his persona online as an African American gang member hailing out of Chicago. File this one under ‘people who play too much Grand Theft Auto’. Cameron was also suspected of being involved in three ‘swatting’ incidents – cases of naughty kids from the internet calling in fake bomb threats and other such nuisances.

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Apparently, Cameron and a number of seedy individuals targeted Sandy Hook High School, the site of a deadly 2012 mass shooting, withe threats that the group were going to come and “kill all your asses” with automatic weapons. It’s really shocking just how foul the behavior of some internet users really is. Other arrests of a 22 year old in the UK and a 17 year old in Finland in relation to the hacks have been announced.

Whilst the three arrests already made and the retaliatory hacks have slowed down Lizard Squad, it does seem that the key members of the group are still at large. How much information the trio of suspects have given to law enforcement agencies, if any, and whether it’s enough to close in on the rest of the motley crew for now remains to be seen.

Via: Engadget

Source: Krebs On Security