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GTA Gets Festive with New Features and Platform Releases

Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA, are getting in the festive spirit with new features and updates being added to their very popular GTA V online mode, just in time for Christmas!

The update, known as “festive surprise”, brings with it plenty of festive cheer in the form of swapping your machine gun for snowballs to fight with; Gingerbread masks to rob banks and hideous Christmas jumpers just because you can.

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The “festive surprise” update is available now to download and also includes a feature that lets you throw snowballs back and forth to other players, known as “San Andreas snowfall”. Who said GTA was full of mindless violence?!

Obviously, the update isn’t all happiness and Christmas cheer of course; it also includes new weapons and cars and even the potential of a sneaky little gift if you sign in on Christmas Day.

Rockstar have also revealed plans for online heists to be introduced early next year, so that gives you something else to look forward to!

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Updates aren’t the only thing on offer just in time for Christmas though; GTA: Chinatown Wars has also finally been made available for Android users. The game has been available for download for a while on iOS platforms but has now been introduced to Android with improved features and graphics. Additional features include Bluetooth and USB controller compatibility, customisable touchscreen controls and support for Android TV devices and more.

You can download the mobile game from Google’s Play Store for a measly £2.99. Not bad considering how many hours of play you’re bound to rack up.

Source: The Verge