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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 AKA Baby Groot

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The successful Marvel blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is on its way back and this time.. It’s cuter!

The new trailer for the second coming of Guardians shows it will not be giving up on Groot anytime soon and he will most likely be the star of the show.  A little bit smaller this time though but it only adds to the little fellers comical value. 

He is shown in the clip to be given serious responsibilities with regards to the safety of the crew and you know this will only enhance the jokes he is involved in, mainly due to the severity of giving him a blow up everyone button!

The excitement is already building, we thoroughly enjoyed the first film here at Gadgethelpline and only have to wait until May 5th 2017 for its, hopefully, triumphant return.

Fingers are crossed here that we get to see more of the little wooden chap before it is released.

Unfortunately there is not much more info available about the film so we look forward to explaining more as and when we hear of it!

For now, enjoy the trailer and maybe get your kids interested in growing plants, just tell them its a possible Baby Groot and needs to be looked after.