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How to Update Your iPhone to iOS 9.2.1 and Avoid Security Flaw

Security pros have recommended iPhone users to update their phone software to avoid a serious security flaw which was identified last week.

The vulnerability, discovered in June and made public on Tuesday, could allow hackers to access text and messages as you’re typing them, as well as website logins and payment details which are all up for grabs from the iPhone via spoofed Wi-Fi access points. When the iPhone hooks up to the fake network all this important data is visible to the hackers through website cookies, which contain passwords and can be stolen and used, all without the owner’s knowledge.

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Apple did not directly address the security flaw, but as a timely co-incidence did release an iOS 9.2.1 patch which is rolling out now. It’s advised to get this update onto your iPhone as soon as possible to bolster the iOS security and avoid getting conned.


How to Update Your iPhone to iOS 9.2.1:

(It’s recommended to back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with a system update.)

Often you’ll be notified when an update is available for your Apple device and you’ll be given an option to install it. If this doesn’t happen you can manual check with the following steps –

Connect the iPhone to a charger and ensure you have a reliable data connection (Wi-Fi is recommended).

Tap Settings.

Select General.

Then Software Update.

If a new version of iOS is available you will be given the option to Download and Install.

You will be offered the option to Install Now or Later allowing you to schedule the update to happen at a more convenient time, such as overnight.

(You will likely be prompted to enter your iPhone pin code before the update begins.)

Alternately you can update your iOS software through iTunes using a desktop or laptop computer –

First make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

You can get the current version at Click Download and following installation steps.

Connect your iPhone to the computer.

iTunes should auto-detect it, or select your device from the list.

Click Summary.

Select Check for Update.

Then Download and Update.

Source: Apple