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HTC and Valve Reveal Vive VR Headset

We’re not usually blown away by products, but when we saw Valve’s latest designs for the Steam Controller we were quite stunned. The secretive company has already developed an alternative to thumb sticks in the form of haptic sensor pads so minute and accurate they can also function as speakers, but behind the scenes Valve has apparently been working on something else alongside HTC.

Of course, it’s not the first rumor we’ve heard along these lines but now it’s been confirmed – Valve has partnered up with HTC to bring us another brand new VR headset – the HTC Vive.

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It’s not just a plug your phone in and watch the screen on a headset deal – this is a true VR device, in the category of Oculus Rift and Sony’s project Morpheus. But to be honest, with Valve on board, you can guarantee not only the workmanship will be astounding, but also the product will have been subject to rigorous, some might even say over zealous, customer testing.

Valve doesn’t mess around with products like this, we’ve already seen many, many videos of the company very casually finding special and resourceful ways to get games working minus the controller – way, way back we say them nonchalantly publishing a video where users played games with their eyes  as the only input method.

With the backing of an arguable monopoly on digital games delivery via Steam, Valve is one of the biggest companies on the block with regards to gaming – but what part do HTC take in the Vive project, and what do they bring to the table?

The mobile company has been a major player and on and off rival of smartphone domination experts Apple for years, and have been behind a variety of successful mobile devices and tablets – with the experience thy have it’s likely the Vive will include some network capabilities.

The device itself is set to include a suite of sensors designed for a VR experience that stands alone with regards to input – sensors for detecting the user’s hands are included, as well as mapping out head movements. Visuals will appear on dual 1,200 x 1,080 screens with a 90hz refresh rate.

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HTC says Vive should appear in developer mode this spring, with test models presumable available in a limited number for those eager to get on board with the platform. A consumer version has been tentatively dated for sometime toward the end of the year, but we’re wondering if Valve might hold things up with their legendary ponderous attention to detail.

The Game Developers Conference is on the way very soon, so expect some more info and hopefully some Valve announcements too. But not Half-Life 3. It’s never Half-Life 3.

Via: Techspot

Via: Ars Technica