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HTC M4 leaked online – Mid-range HTC One variant?

The HTC One is slowly landing in people’s hands since its release last month and even though the smartphone has run into quite a few stocking issues, it does seem that HTC has hit a home run with its new flagship handset.

What’s left now for HTC is for the company to back this up with a mid-range version of the smartphone which has seemingly leaked over at PhoneArena.

The incoming HTC M4 has been leaked online with specifications and an image that shows that it will share many of the design and features of its bigger brother, but will be aimed at a more budget conscious market.

The M4 (the HTC One was codenamed the M7) will share the HTC One’s unibody construction with an almost identical design but we would expect the materials are a slightly lower quality. The handset will have a a 4.3-inch 720p display, compared to the One’s excellent 4.7-inch Full HD screen. The M4 won’t be a slouch in the screen department by any means, and should match the screen quality of last year’s top-end phones.

The HTC M4 will also reportedly have a dual core processor and a healthy 2GB of RAM, plus a large 16GB of internal storage. The handset will also feature HTC’s UltraPixel technology which is on the HTC One, whereby multiple stacked image sensors make up the rear camera.

The phone will also be an Android Jelly Bean sporting device with HTC’s latest Sense+ UI inbuilt, and we’re willing to bet that some of HTC’s new features introduced with the One will make the jump – probably the Blinkfeed homescreen and the Zoe camera functionality.

Samsung has proved in years gone by that when you have a successful flagship deice then a similar understudy is important too, with its Galaxy Ace and now Galaxy S3 Mini handset proving massively popular for the more budget conscious market, and its looking like HTC will follow suit with the M4.