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HTC Sense 4.1 Update Improves Android Speed and Battery Life for ICS

It’s looking like HTC have been working on their HTC Sense User Interface for Android phones, as a leaked ROM has revealed that a 4.1 update is coming to the UI, and will hold the keys to a faster user experience and an improved battery life.

The latest version of HTC’s Sense UI is running on its flagship Android Ice Cream Sandwich running devices including the HTC One X, One S and One V, and it features many of the HTC Sense favourites such as the integrated friends feed and weather applications.

With the next version of the Android OS – 4.1 Jelly Bean – now out, HTC will again have to start working on fitting the OS into their phone line up and adapting the Sense UI to this.

The ROM leak has come from those good folks at XDA Developers where they have uncovered the Sense 4.1 user interface incorporated into an updated version of the Android ICS 4.0.4 update.

XDA devs claim that the Sense 4.1 will bring a “fast and stable” experience, and will help out the processor to offer an “awesome battery life” which solves one of the bigger issues of the HTC One range of phones.

Other changes to the Sense 4.1 UI will include a new button in the camera app to switch between front and rear cameras, removal of 3D effects in the launcher menu to eradicate lag, and fixes to Wi-Fi issues and the live wallpaper lag.

The update is still unofficial and is just the work of a wily XDA Developer, but we are sure HTC will issue the update officially in the coming weeks.

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