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Ideal Gadget Gift For The Holidays Or Every Occasion?

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Ideal gadget gift to suit everyone does not exist of course. What one person may enjoy the next may deplore. Even if both people are heavily into tech and gadgets, opinions can still heavily differ. So what do you get for the gadget lover in your life?

A flow chart is probably not the ideal gift but it may help you discover what to purchase. At the least it will give you an idea anyway.

Ideal gadget gift?

All jokes aside, having a rough idea of what they already have is probably a good way to start your planning. For example does their phone or tablet have a 3.5 mm headphones connector? Chances are if the device was purchased recently then probably not. If it does then you have more than just bluetooth or USB as a connection option.

Generally phones will have a small round connector for headphones if they have a 3.5mm connection. Most new devices will not have this though and will come with USB-C.  When it comes to headphones or peripherals the best option is to opt for wireless bluetooth. Especially if you’re unsure and their device was purchased within the last couple of years.

Ideal Gadget Gift – Old School

Does the giftee love old school and analogue devices? Hipster gadgetry is also a thing. To give you an idea or example: The Commodore 64 is going to be up for sale again soon. Last seen, left behind in the 80’s.

Continuing with the back to the 80’s vibe.Perhaps an Atari pre-order is worth looking into?

When it really comes down to it the best thing to do is just trust your own judgment.
If you know this person well, chances are they will appreciate anything you get them regardless.

One last thing though. Do not forget to keep hold of the receipt. Whether they like their gift or not, if something goes wrong the receipt may be required.

Whatever happens, enjoy your holiday season!

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