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Hidden Camera Detection – The Scout By Spyguy Review

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Hidden camera detection tools are not really to hand in everyone’s holiday arsenal. There are a few reasons for this too. Generally, thinking about hidden cameras is a job for the paranoid mind. Unfortunately there are people out there who have few scruples. If there is money to be made or a way to take advantage of someone they will find a way. Hidden cameras are also becoming harder and harder to spot. Gone are the days of 35 mm cameras lenses hidden between books. Today we have to be aware of devices almost as small as a pinhead.

How do we find these devices though? I admit, it seems like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

With the success of services such as airBNB and the spying capacity of technology today, we consider it, at the least, prudent to be aware of these possibilities.
We reached out to the team at Spyguy

They got back to us quickly and offered to send one out for review!

Hidden Camera Detection – Spyguy Scout

Lets dive straight into this useful little device:

The device comes with 2 x AAA batteries and a test cam to master the technique with.

We have an internal security camera in the office, The image below shows the camera on the top left. The middle and right images and taken viewing through the peep hole. You can clearly see the central camera lighting up.

Obviously there is not much to this device in the way of earth shattering tech. It does light up camera lenses though as shown above. What you cannot do very well with it is scan a room quickly. So, basically, you have to think like a spy. Where would you hide a camera if it was the size of a pin head? Once you have a few ideas then its time to get in close and have a good look through the peep hole.

The Scout will show you cameras that are hidden. You will see a red light flash back at you. Bear in mind you will also have this effect from plastic and glass among other things. Actual camera lenses though will show you circles of red light rather than a broken up light.

In a nutshell. This device is great if you have the time to check each device in the room for hidden cameras. Maybe a little on the steep side to buy, considering the components, but is there really a price for your own piece of mind?

Useful App To Complement With

Some hidden devices transmit their data via WiFi. As an added security you could always turn off the WiFi in the place you are staying, if possible that is. If not possible then you have an option. Fing is an app that will locate devices sharing the same network as your device.
It is available on Android and iOS.
If you notice something on the list that could be a camera then it may be worthwhile speaking to the people you have rented from about it. It could, after all be an external security camera.

Thanks for reading. For more gadget and tech related information and tips, check out Gadgethelpline.