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iOS 8.1 Out Today – What’s New?

Apple’s event last week caused a stir, especially with the announcement of a fixed version of iOS 8.1 arriving today. The new OS has dropped on US handsets and is now serving new features to the incredible amount of iPhone 6’s that have sold since September.

But what’s new in this update of the long time Apple smartphone operating system?

Well, several new features have arrived on the iPhone with 1OS 8.1, the first and most exciting being Apple Pay, the amazing wireless payment method from Apple which lets you store your debit and credit card details in Passbook and use them to pay for products in stores everywhere.

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Also returning is Camera Roll, on hiatus for a while, but now back. The new Camera Roll is exactly like the old one, no changes there, and is back by popular demand. It seems that the users couldn’t get enough of the feature. Photo library has also been updated as well, with better organisation and an easier to use interface.

OS X Yosemite allows handsets with iOS 8 to receive ‘green bubble’ (non iMessage) SMS messages to be sent and received on the Mac from the iPhone. The two functions are married together nicely in the new update, meaning that sending messages is a unified experience whether you’re on the go or at home.

Apple Pay is here.

Calls also push between the desktop Mac and the handset iPhone, using the MAc’s built in microphone, using Apple’s communications sharing system recently added in both operating systems.

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Apple Pay, as well as the new Camera Roll and communications sharing features are all available in the update now, which can be obtained by simply loading up your iPhone, and selecting Settings > General > Software Update. The update can also be channeled to you phone via iTunes, which is handy if you’re on an older iPhone device and don’t want to receive the update over the air – it’s a big one.

A few little points about iOS 8.1 – it’s not going to work with the iPhone 4S or a more recent handset, as well as an iPad 2 or newer. If you want Apple Pay outside the US, it’s a no can do – the feature isn’t ready yet. Also, if you want to use the communications sharing system, you’ll need to get on the Mac store and install OS X 10.10 from the Mac App Store, which is a free update.

Other than that, enjoy your new Apple software. Have fun!

Source: CNET

Via: TechCrunch