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FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch Spotted

Image Credit: The Verge

FitBit aren’t the biggest name in tech – you might have heard about their extensive range of fitness trackers, ranging from small dongles to full fledged smart bands, from various tech sites recently. We’ve talked about some of these devices before.

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The company is about to go full force into it’s new campaign promoting the new FitBit Surge, described as a fitness superwatch by FitBit, the Surge is fully equipped with everything you might need to stay ahead of the game athletics wise.

A leak of marketing materials for the Surge picked up by The Verge (dat rhyme) showed off the device, pictured below, in all its finery.

The Surge is FitBit’s crowning achievement in terms of athletics accessories, featuring GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring by PurePulse, as well as data collection features that analyse and work out all the nitty gritty stats you need to know after that big run or other activity. Indeed the device chronicles more than just running, it has the ability to differentiate between the thing you’re doing.

The FitBit One, another one of FitBit’s cool exercise gadgets.

The stats include, pace, distance, elevation climbed and heart rate intensity. That’s not all the Surge manages to fit in as well, other stats are said to be recorded too. The watch itself features smartwatch functions such as call and text notifications from your smartphone as well as being able to control your phone’s music playback.

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Also included is FitBit’s app controlled sleep tracking tech, which is really cool – it correlates the time you spend sleeping, and accompanying apps determine whether your sleep pattern is going well or not, as well as providing reccommendations for how to change for the better.

FitBit wants you to understand that the Surge isn’t some smartwatch wannabe competitor, instead it’s the real deal for athletes. As such, it’s not meant to ‘replace’ your Android Wear watch, instead it’s a dedicated fitness device for those who value their sporting life more than having a flashy app fileld techie’s dream on their wrist.

Retail priging for the surge clocks in at about $249, and the device come in three colours, basic black, slate grey or the more lively tangerine. Release date info isn’t about yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on FitBit’s various other products and hopefully lump in the Surge’s release date with another device announcement.

Via: TechSpot

Via: The Verge