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Third Gen Apple iPad to be Redesigned & Re-Released to Solve Overheating Problem

After initially shunning the idea that the latest iPad (third generation) was getting a little hot to handle, Apple has now reportedly taken the gadget back to the drawing board to have a rethink on how the tablet computer should be reworked to deal with the safety concerns of many of the otherwise happy owners, who are currently enjoying eye-popping retina display visuals and helpful apps such as voice assistant software Siri – along with warmer hands.

Apple’s ‘New’ iPad launched in March and sold around three million units in its starting weekend. The Cupertino, California co. addressed the issues of overheating at the bottom corner of the device (near the heavily punished battery), claiming that the iPad was “operating well within our thermal specifications” and that customers with serious concerns should direct their issues to AppleCare.

Four months later and it seems Apple might finally be doing something about it – or at least a future revision of its current tablet standard. A source from Apple’s suppliers has informed fellow tech site DigiTimes that components for a new iPad battery layout are incoming and with this fix the tablet’s camera lens will also receive a minor upgrade, as will screen tech.

There’s no indication on whether the devices will come pre-loaded with the new iOS 6 operating system or if unsatisfied existing owners will get to upgrade for a lesser cost or receive some kind of refund, but we would certainly hope for both.

The ‘New’ New iPad is expected towards the end of the year.

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