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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Tablet to Ship as Soon as August?

Here’s an update to the Gadget Helpline’s continuing coverage of the possible arrival of the Kindle Fire 2 in the next few months – this one relates to a rumour which might suggest that the Amazon multimedia tablet’s shipping date may be getting ever closer.

According to a parts manufacturer based in Asia the 7-inch full-colour tablet will be on its way in August shortly after an expected announcement by Amazon on July 31st. The Kindle Fire 2 is said to feature a camera and considerable upgrades in pixel resolution over its predecessor with a generous 1280 x 800 displaying applications and videos and the device should cost around $199 in the United States – offering an alternative and a satisfying undercut to iPad and weighing in somewhere close to Google’s Nexus 7 tablet which will arrive a little before, later in July.

As Apple looks set to muscle in on the 7-inch tablet arena with an iPad Mini, Amazon is rumoured to also be planning both a 8.9-inch and a 10-inch model Kindle Fire 2 which are being speculated for a release following the standard edition.

Whether this news will reflect in any way on if / when the United Kingdom might finally get hold of a Kindle Fire tablet after missing out first time around is yet to be addressed. Although the arrival of the Amazon Appstore is seemingly suggestion enough and we wait eagerly for the confirmation.

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