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iPhone 5 cases spotted in AT&T store

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Another day, another snippet of iPhone 5 news. The much-anticipated handset should be unveiled at the Apple event in California next Tuesday (October 4th), but might we already know what it looks like?

This spy shot from the depths of an AT&T store in the US seem to be of a box of iPhone 5 cases. The design of the handset appears to be wider than the current-gen iPhone 4, but noticeably thinner. The back is also more curved.

If they turn out to be genuine, it brings strong evidence to the theory that the iPhone 5 will sport a bigger screen size that the iPhone 4, as a wider bezel would only be put in place to support a 4-inch display. As always, we’ll bring you more news as and when it breaks. Let us know your thoughts on our Comments below or via or @Gadget_Helpline twitter page or Official Facebook Group.