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iPhone 5 will use Dual-Core A5 processor

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Coding has been found within the official release of iOS 4.3 that suggests the iPhone 5 will use the same Dual-Core processor found within the recently announced iPad 2.

It has been noted by several developers that a device with the reference N94AP is mentioned within the coding of iOS 4.3, which many think is the codename for the iPhone 5. Apple have used a similar alphanumerical code for previous iterations of the iPhone, for instance the recently released Verizon iPhone 4 had the moniker of N92.

Those clever developers have dug a bit deeper and found out that another product codename is linked with the N94AP (iPhone 5) device, a certain S5L8940 chip. The S5L8940 chip is also known as Apple’s new Dual-Core A5 chip, which is also used in the new iPad 2.

Many sources are stating that the information found within the iOS 4.3 firmware is a good indication of what is to come with future Apple products, and we feel a Dual-Core processor for the next iPhone would be a very logical step to take. Competitors Samsung and LG have both announced Dual-Core phones recently in the Galaxy S II and the Optimus 2X respectively, so Apple need to keep up.

Via: MacStories