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iPhone 5 and future Apple gadgets to feature ‘curved’ glass display?

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Once again we’re hearing rumours backing the claims that the iPhone 5’s glass display will sport a new curvier appearance – and so will all future iOS gadgets if these reports turn out true.

Apple was previously reported to have invested in up to 300 glass-shaping devices and also glass polishing equipment to shine up their new wares, and today the names Lens Technology, Fuji Crystal and G-Tech are being suggested today by tech site DigiTimes.

Last week we discussed the alleged flaw in the new iPhone’s screen laminate which has been speculated to be halting shipping dates for the Apple handset, which is now set to bear a stylish resemblance to the 5th generation iPod Nano, or to put it in phone context – the Samsung Nexus S – which also features a curved display.

We wonder if Samsung and Google will take this as insult enough to sue the patent hungry tech-beast, as Apple has been doing worldwide to oppress the sale of numerous tech rivals gadgets, particularly Samsung’s smartphones!

We’ll be following all iPhone 5 news leading up to the big day on October 4th and the big product announcement from Apple’s Cupertino campus.

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